I’m Afraid to Go to the Dentist. What Can I Do to Stay Calm?

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For many people, the thought of having any dental procedure, including a routine teeth cleaning, stirs up feelings of terror and anxiety inside them. For other people, they’re fine until they need anything beyond a routine dental procedure.

No matter your level of dental anxiety, you’ll find your local dentist in Dana Point, CA offers a full range of solutions to suit the needs of every patient. Take a look at how sedation dentistry can help you stay calm during your time in the dentist’s chair.

Local Anesthesia

Sometimes it’s needed and other times it’s optional. Local anesthesia can get you through some of the most complex procedures offered at the dentist’s office – pain-free. It can also be used to mask mild or moderate pain for those on edge about having routine dental work done.

IV Sedation

It’s the most customizable form of sedation you’ll find at a dentist’s office. That’s because intravenous sedation can be precisely measured based on each individual’s needs. Your body composition, medical history, current health and more will be taken into account when your dosage is being measured.

Nitrous Oxide

Though not nearly as precise as IV sedation, nitrous oxide, often called laughing gas, is a great alternative for those with a strong fear of needles. The gas is administered through a mask and the onset of its calming effects begins quickly.

Oral Sedation

For many people with elevated dental anxieties, oral sedation is the simplest and easiest way to get the calming effects of a sedative. However, oral sedation takes much longer to kick in than all other alternatives.

General Anesthesia

Sometimes, people with severe dental anxiety just want to sleep through a long procedure. General anesthesia provides a solution for this. However, general anesthesia is unnecessary for most dental procedures and local anesthesia offers all the pain relief you’d need.

Find Out More

Take a few moments to schedule a consultation with a dentist in Southern California to learn more about your options for sedation in Dana Point, CA and to get answers to any of your dental concerns.

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