Expose and Bond Is the Solution to Impacted Teeth

Put Your Best Smile Forward

Every time you bite, you use them. They’re also the foundation of your smile. There’s no question that your front teeth perform some essential daily functions. Sometimes they can become stuck inside your gums and fail to grow into place. These stubborn teeth are called “impacted teeth.” When any of your 12 front teeth, including eight incisors and four canines (the slightly sharp ones at the corners of your mouth), won’t move into their proper position, they can cause you a host of aesthetic and functional issues. Dr. Eric Baker and Dr. Tim Betita can resolve these problems by performing a procedure called expose and bond right here in our Dana Point, CA office. During this procedure, they expose the impacted tooth or teeth and apply orthodontic braces on them to help pull them down into the mouth. This is performed in conjunction with an orthodontist, who, in their own office, will apply braces to your other teeth prior to and then position the incoming teeth after the expose and bond procedure.

Problems Caused By Impacted Teeth

  • Unsightly gaps
  • Slurred speech
  • Misalignment of the teeth
  • Difficulty eating
  • Infection
  • Crooked surrounding teeth
  • Appearance of premature aging
dental patient undergoing scan Dana Point CA

Expose And Bond Explained

The expose and bond procedure is simple. Prior to your scheduled surgery visit, our team will use our sophisticated low-radiation imaging equipment to create a map of your face and jaws. Before the procedure itself we’ll give you some gentle sedation so you don’t remember or feel anything. We’ll then expose the affected teeth, which involves removing a portion of your gums as well as a small amount of bone adjacent to the teeth. Once the teeth are visible (exposed) they’ll apply small braces to the teeth and connect them to the braces on your other teeth. You’ll then return to your orthodontist to have the teeth correctly positioned and your smile restored!

See If Expose and Bond Is What Your Smile Needs

dental patient smiling after expose and bond procedure Dana Point CA