Advanced Technology Is Our Investment in You

Technology Means More Than Machines

New dental technology is constantly being developed, and all of it with the same goal: to provide you quicker, more effective, and comfortable care. Dr. Eric Baker and Dr. Tim Betita are committed to providing cutting-edge oral surgery services that utilize today’s advanced technology in our Dana Point, CA, office. This goes beyond sophisticated equipment to include leading-edge healing processes involving bone morphogenic protein and plasma-rich growth factors. All of these, combined with years of training and experience, enable our oral surgeons to deliver the absolute highest quality of care with consistent outcomes.

Moreover, advanced technology is at the center of our minimally invasive approach, allowing us to treat you while causing as little trauma and pain as possible. This includes PIEZOSURGERY®, which we often use during bone grafting or sinus lifts. With this technology, we use ultrasonic vibrations to cut bone without damaging the adjacent soft tissues. Our CAT/CT equipment renders vivid images while exposing you to 20 times less radiation than typical machines. Collectively, our advanced technology empowers us to maximize your comfort and minimize your discomfort, swelling, and bleeding.

Advanced Technology We Use To Treat You

  • Trios intraoral scanner
  • Cone beam computed tomography (CBCT)
  • Bone morphogenic protein (BMP)
  • Plasma-rich growth factors
piezosurgery dental equipment Dana Point CA
dental patient undergoing scan Dana Point CA

More Ways Advanced Technology Benefits You

Advanced technology doesn’t simply enable us to provide you with minimally invasive care on a variety of procedures from the simple to complex, it also provides many other advantages. Through advanced technology, we can improve the accuracy of your diagnosis with evidence-based results. We can also execute your treatment planning and procedures with far greater precision than we otherwise would be able to provide. Advanced technology also enables us to streamline your care with shorter but more productive appointments.

See the Difference Advanced Technology Can Make

patient smiling after zirconia implant bridge procedure Dana Point CA