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You Don’t Have To Snore Anymore

If you’re like many people, the words that come to mind when you hear the term sleep apnea are probably something like “bad snoring.” Unfortunately, the phrase “heart disease” is just as relevant. Snoring is the inconvenient component of sleep apnea that makes nighttime unpleasant for you and others around you, but it’s far from the worst part. Sleep apnea can cause you to experience a host of health issues, many of them serious to the point of being life-threatening.

Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is a condition in which the soft tissues of your tongue, soft palate, and neck collapse on your windpipe during sleep. With your airway blocked, you can stop breathing multiple times each night. You may wake suddenly when this occurs, but oftentimes you’re not even aware it’s happened. With this poor quality of sleep, you may also find you suffer from excessive sleepiness during the day, compromising your ability to manage your work and/or school duties, as well as social activities and chores. The good news among all this is that sleep apnea is completely treatable right here in our Dana Point, CA office!

Avoid The Dangers Of Sleep Apnea

  • Heart Disease
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Type 2 Diabetes
  • Weight Gain
  • Adult Asthma
  • Acid Reflux
dr baker and dr betita Dana Point CA

Specialists In Minimizing Sleep Apnea Effects Through Oral Surgery

Dr. Eric Baker and Dr. Tim Betita offer effective treatment to help you overcome sleep apnea. They achieve this by increasing the size of your airway so that either the tissues no longer collapse into the airway or those tissues don’t block the airway to as large an extent. Corrective procedures are generally offered if you’re unable to tolerate a CPAP machine, which helps you breath normally at night, or if you can’t tolerate a corrective dental appliance. The advantage of surgery is that it can be a permanent solution to your sleep apnea problem. We can perform corrective surgery on your nose (to improve breathing), your palate (to reduce snoring), and jaws (to increase the size of the airway behind the tongue) at our Dana Point, CA office.

Don’t Suffer from Sleep Apnea Any Longer!

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