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You or someone you care about are experiencing a dental emergency, and you can only think about one thing: getting quick, effective pain relief or attention from highly skilled and compassionate dental professionals. You can always count on Dr. Eric Baker and Dr. Tim Betita to be there for you. As medical doctors, they have the expertise to treat a variety of dental emergencies, whether you’ve had a tooth knocked out or are suffering from a severe dental infection. Our oral surgeons have the extensive training needed to deliver care of exceptional quality in virtually any emergency issues involving your teeth, gums, jaw, and other facial bones and structures. During your emergency, they’ll do everything possible to alleviate your stress and discomfort, from providing any sedation options you may need, to working with a sense of urgency, to maintaining a focused and professional demeanor throughout your visit. If you’re experiencing a dental emergency, contact us immediately!

Reasons To Seek Emergency Dental Care

  • Fractured jaw, nose, cheekbone or eye socket
  • Abscessed or knocked-out teeth
  • Severe swelling in gums or face
  • Oral or facial injury
  • Acute TMJ pain or symptoms
  • Facial lacerations
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Exceptional Credentials And Qualifications

Dr. Baker and Dr. Betita each trained in some of the top dental, medical, and oral surgery programs in the United States. Both Dr. Baker and Dr. Betita received their dental degrees from the University of the Pacific dental school, where they graduated with honors at the top of their class. They were each given awards for their work in oral surgery. From there, they obtained medical degrees at top-ranked universities and were trained at some of the most competitive oral surgery programs in the nation. Together, our oral surgeons can give you the emergency dental care you need to restore your health and your peace of mind.

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