Faster Healing Through Your Own Biology

The Key To Healing Is Within You

When you get a minor cut, your body is designed to form a scab that stops the blood flow and allows the tissue underneath to heal. You may be surprised to learn that many oral surgery procedures can also benefit greatly from your body’s own natural healing abilities—sometimes with a little extra assistance from medical science. Your blood holds the key in the form of growth factors, which enable new bone and tissue to form after you’ve been injured or have undergone surgery.

What Are Growth Factors?

“Growth factors” is another name for proteins that occur naturally in your blood and stimulate your body to heal. We can take advantage of their natural healing properties to help you mend after many surgical procedures we perform here in our Dana Point, CA office!

dental patient undergoing oral surgery Dana Point CA

The Growth Factors Process

Dr. Eric Baker and Dr. Tim Betita utilize the growth factors your body already produces naturally to promote healing and help return your bone and gums to full health. This involves using platelet-rich fibrin and platelet-rich plasma. Platelet rich fibrin is a concentrated form of growth factors from your own blood. We start the process by drawing a small amount of your blood and then spinning it rapidly in a centrifuge. This separates out the different components of your blood (plasma, etc.). We then isolate the layer that’s rich in growth factors and insert it back into the surgical site. This promotes and accelerates healing at the site—and gets you back enjoying a normal life more quickly!

See What Growth Factors Can Do For You

  • Minimize your swelling during and after surgery
  • Reduce your post-surgery pain
  • Heal your grafts and dental implants faster
  • Lessen your chance of post-operative complications

Heal the Natural Way!

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