Prepare for Successful Oral Surgery

A Few Simple Steps Is All It Takes

When you’re scheduled for oral surgery at our Dana Point, CA office, there are a few important steps you should take beforehand. First and foremost, follow all of your pre-surgical instructions. These are customized to your specific situation and will help ensure that your procedure is as pain- and stress-free as possible, and that your oral health will be restored.

Dr. Eric Baker and Dr. Tim Betita recommend preparing for your oral surgery with their Heal+ protocols, which provide you with important instructions on vitamins and herbal supplements. These will help put you in the best possible overall health condition before your procedure. Ask us for details about how you can take advantage of Heal+ benefits!

Before Oral Surgery

  • Relax
  • Follow all pre-surgical instructions
  • Take recommended vitamins and herbal supplements
Before Your Treatment - Niguel Coast - Dana Point, CA
peyton impacted wisdom tooth extraction patient Dana Point CA
  • Peyton - Impacted Wisdom Teeth Extraction Patient

Mental Preparation Is Important, Too

You may be a little anxious about having oral surgery, even when improved oral health and a happier, healthier life can result. Rest assured Dr. Baker and Dr. Betita are highly trained professionals who have a proven record of positive clinical outcomes and who offer multiple sedation options and thorough follow-up care. They’ve determined the best clinical results by performing randomized control trials for many procedures, enabling them to continually update and improve the care they provide. Put yourself at ease, because you’re in good hands, whether you’re having dental implants placed, TMJ issues corrected or another type of oral surgery.

Are You Ready? We look forward to seeing you in our Dana Point, CA office!

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