Trust Tooth Extractions to the Experts

Oral Surgeons Make The Difference

You may need tooth extractions for a variety of reasons, including extreme decay, pain, oral trauma, and/or preparation for placement of dental implants. Preserving your smile is our goal, and we consider pulling a tooth as a last resort only if the tooth cannot be saved. If you do require tooth extractions, rest assured you’ll be in the best of care with Dr. Eric Baker and Dr. Tim Betita, highly trained oral surgeons with extensive experience in tooth extractions, including wisdom teeth extractions. They can restore your full functionality and give you reason to smile again, all right here in our Dana Point, CA office. They’ll make certain you’re completely comfortable during your procedure with several sedation options.

When It’s Time For Tooth Extractions

  • Severe decay
  • Dental implant prep
  • Disease or infection
  • Impacted wisdom teeth
  • Oral trauma damage
  • Baby teeth that won't come out
dental implant model Dana Point CA

Have Tooth Extractions Done And Dental Implants Placed The Same Day

Dental implants are the surest way to return the feel, aesthetics, and function of your missing teeth. They’re a durable artificial substitute that’s virtually indistinguishable from your natural teeth—and they’re made to last a lifetime. Using well-practiced skill, our oral surgeons can remove your damaged or decayed teeth and replace them with dental implants during the very same visit! Immediate implants mean you never have to live with unsightly gaps in your teeth that compromise your speech and your ability to eat and drink. Return to normal activities within hours of the procedure and begin enjoying a renewed feeling of self-confidence!

Let Us Restore Your Smile

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