Realign Your Jaw, Reshape Your Life

Jaw surgery is performed to correct the misalignment of jaws and teeth.

Jaw Surgery Fixes More Than Your Smile

As the only movable bone in your face, your lower jaw (mandible) plays a critical role in everyday actions like speaking, chewing, and smiling. If your mandible is out of alignment with your upper jaw, you may not be able to do many of those without considerable difficulty or embarrassment. When your jaws aren’t well-aligned it causes your teeth to not fit together properly. What’s more, when your teeth are misaligned because one jaw is bigger than the other it can cause your teeth to break or be worn down prematurely. By moving your jaws into the correct position, our oral surgeons can restore your ability to complete normal functions without any trouble—right here in our Dana Point, CA office.

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The Sleep Apnea Connection

Jaw misalignment can be the root cause behind sleep apnea. In these cases, your tongue will block your airway during sleep, resulting in frequent awakening, inadequate sleep, and the potential for much more serious health concernsJaw surgery may be the solution.

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Our Approach To Jaw Surgery

Dr. Eric Baker and Dr. Timothy Betita go through extensive pre-surgery planning to ensure that you receive the correct treatment. This entails taking detailed photos of your face and assessing them for symmetry to ensure that your facial features are improved alongside your jaw symmetry during your jaw surgery. We make models of your teeth and complete a run-through of your surgery using those models and virtual models before you ever go into the operating room. Every time our oral surgeons perform jaw surgery, the goal is to give you back your facial harmony. During the jaw surgery procedure itself, we carefully manipulate your jaw, reposition it, and secure it with small pins that will fuse to the bone while it heals. When your jaw is fully healed, your top and bottom jaws will be correctly aligned, not only restoring that facial harmony, but also yielding proper dental occlusion (meaning, how the teeth come together), making it easier for you to breathe, eat, and sleep, in addition to easing any migraines you may have suffered as a result of the misalignment.

Conditions We Treat With Jaw Surgery

  • Trouble breathing
  • Sleep apnea
  • Problems biting or chewing
  • Persistent migraines
  • Facial imbalance or trauma
  • Poor occlusion
  • Extended or retracted lower jaw
  • TMJ pain
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