Oral Surgery Takes a Gentle Touch

When It Comes To Minimally Invasive, PIEZOSURGERY® Is Miraculous

Drills and burs have traditionally been used to cut bone during oral surgery. While effective, these methods leave a lot to be desired for our patients. Dr. Eric Baker and Dr. Tim Betita have made minimally invasive the guiding philosophy of our practice here in Dana Point, CA. They continually seek out advanced technology that will enable them to deliver care that both reduces your discomfort during procedures and the amount of time you need to fully heal afterward. This mission led them to the discovery of PIEZOSURGERY, which has since become one of the most important tools in our technology arsenal.


PIEZOSURGERY is a revolutionary technology we use for a variety of procedures. With this technology, ultrasonic vibrations cut bone without damaging any of the adjacent soft tissues. It’s especially useful during delicate procedures like sinus lifts. When you need dental implants placed in the area of your upper back molars, we may recommend PIEZOSURGERY. If your jawbone has deteriorated in this area, your sinus cavity will collapse into the gap left by the missing bone.

Using PIEZOSURGERY, our oral surgeons are able to carefully cut through your bone tissue without harming the delicate sinus membrane. Gently, they lift the sinus cavity and place bone grafting material underneath to rebuild the bone and enable it to support your new dental implants. All of this is completed with minimal pain and with little chance of causing damage, right here at our Dana Point, CA office.

piezosurgery dental equipment Dana Point CA
bone grafting for dental implants Dana Point CA

Procedures We Perform With PIEZOSURGERY

  • Dental implant preparation
  • Bone grafting
  • Sinus lifts
  • Tooth extractions
  • Soft tissue recontouring (crown lengthening)

Experience the True Meaning of Minimally Invasive

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