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Your pain and social awkwardness are gone. You’ve gotten just what you’ve wanted: a full set of beautiful, healthy, and functional teeth that not even you can distinguish from natural teeth. As highly educated and experienced oral surgeons, Eric Baker, DDS, MD, and Tim Betita, DDS, MD, specialize in—and take immense pleasure from—restoring your dental health and your overall quality of life. Built on a foundation of four anchors—a focus on total wellness, healing, exceptional clinical results, and peerless training and credentials—our practice has made complete dental health possible for countless patients just like you in the Dana Point, CA area. What’s more, they’ve gone to great effort to ensure that any procedure you undergo will be as comfortable and stress-free as possible. They achieve this both through their investment in the latest and greatest technology available and through our guiding “minimally invasive” philosophy.


Dr. Baker and Dr. Betita are board certified oral and maxillofacial surgeons. Board Certification by ABOMS requires rigorous application and examination processes. An individual who has the status of Candidate and/or Diplomate has verified his/her training in an accredited residency program, showed evidence of post-training experience and proven to have an unrestricted dental and/or medical license. A Candidate becomes a Diplomate of ABOMS when he/she further satisfactorily completes both the Qualifying and Oral Certifying Examination. The Diplomate has then met a gold standard in the specialty.


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Concerned with your total health, Dr. Baker and Dr. Betita will help get your oral health in good shape before you undergo medical procedures that require it, such as heart valve replacement, joint replacement, and breast augmentation surgery. We offer a five-year warranty for dental implants, meaning we’ll replace any dental implants we’ve placed within five years of surgery at no charge to you. We prepare you for surgery with Heal+ herbal supplements and by conducting random control trials to determine best outcomes beforehand, and, with the assistance of a nutritionist, we offer a personalized post-surgery diet. Have meals delivered straight to your door! We can provide effective relief for your TMJ pain through one simple procedure known as TMJ arthroscopy. Our oral surgeons are among a small number in the United States who offer this life-changing procedure—right here in Dana Point, CA!

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