How Successful Are Dental Implants?

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It might seem too good to be true. After years of suffering with missing or decaying teeth, a dentist can implant replacement teeth that can last you the rest of your life. Yet, it is true and it comes along with some hard truths, one of which is: not all dental implant surgeries are successful long-term. So the question arises: how successful are dental implants?

The Success Rate

After years of hovering around the 95 percent mark, the success rate of dental implants has climbed to about 98 percent.

What makes dental implants successful in general are the way the replacement teeth are implanted into the jawbone – which is the same way natural teeth are. As for what’s driving up their success rates, there are many reasons, and some of the biggest among them are highlighted below.

Dentist Are getting better

Over the last decade, there’s has been a marked uptick in the number of dentist’s offices offering dental implants. Those dentists who were just starting to offer dental implants ten years ago now have a decade of experience in placing dental implants.

But it’s not just more hands-on experience in placing dental implants that have been driving up success rates. The technology used to plot and place dental implants is also getting better.

Placement Technology Is Getting Better

Another big reason dental implants success rates continue to rise is that the technology for placing them continues to improve. Now dentists can get high resolution, 3D scans of your mouth to help your dentist determine exactly where implants should go.

Here are some of the benefits realized through advancements in implant placement technology:

  • Better imaging means a clearer assessment of how stable the jawbone is
  • More accurate placement means implants are optimally placed to reliably handle the load from biting and chewing over the years

Find Out More About Dental Implants

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