How Painful is Dental Implant Surgery?

How Painful is Dental Implant Surgery

You don’t have to be a legendary horror novelist to dream up tortuous, nightmarish scenarios about having dental implants inserted where your teeth were once planted. But it turns out, getting dental implants, even a full set of eight, is a painless procedure – a procedure that has a 98 percent success rate by several study-backed estimates. And you’ll only need a basic, off-the-shelf painkiller to deal with the mild discomfort afterward.

Level of Discomfort During the Procedure

After a small dose of local anesthesia, you won’t feel anything at the implant site – and your dentist wouldn’t have it any other way.

Here’s how and why a local anesthetic for dental implants benefits all parties involved:

Your dentist can focus on the procedure without having to worry about you twitching or writhing in pain. Even a slight amount of discomfort on your end would make things much more difficult for your dentist.

You don’t have anything to worry about while getting your implants. With an understanding just how comfortable and free of pain anesthesia makes the procedure, you won’t delay or dread having your implants placed.

Those who haven’t had a local anesthetic in a while may not have much confidence in its ability to mute the pain. So, they may ask for general anesthesia. While your dentist may be able to accommodate this request, the short amount of time required to properly place dental implants typically won’t warrant the amount of time you’d sleep under general anesthesia. Instead of general anesthesia, ask about your sedation options for a surefire way to manage dental anxieties.

Level of Discomfort After the Procedure

After you’ve exchanged goodbyes with your dentist and their staff, you may start to feel the anesthesia waning. But if you keep a common pain reliever handy over the following days, you likely won’t experience any significant amount of discomfort. Swelling and tenderness may last for two or three days before they subside and pain relievers are no longer necessary.

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