How Your Dentist Can Treat Your TMJ

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You might not even have a diagnosis as having TMJ. But the clicking and popping from your jaw, the pain when chewing, soreness when eating, spasms in your jaw muscles and other symptoms of TMJ is strong evidence that you do have a temporomandibular joint disorder. Though there are no standardized test or surefire treatment used across the medical field to diagnose and treat TMJ, your oral surgeons are equipped with all of the tools needed to diagnose and treat your TMJ in Dana Point, CA.

Non-Invasive Treatments

TMJ isn’t just one ailment – it’s a family of them. So there are a number of things your dentist will recommend to try to provide relief for your specific symptoms.

Let’s take a look at some of the non-invasive treatments your dentist will likely start with to see if your symptoms can be managed without surgery:

Mouthguards – they can stop you from grinding your teeth while you sleep and they can minimize the impact of teeth clenching to ultimately give your jaw muscles a break at night.

BOTOX® – an injection of Botox offers more than just a way to smooth wrinkles. Its muscle-relaxing properties can also soothe overworked TMJ muscles, lessening the pain and stopping the headaches caused by TMJ.

Muscle relaxers and anti-inflammatory medicines – common over-the-counter drugs can provide significant relief for many patients. As an alternative to taking medications, many people have found relief by simply applying heat to the jaw to relax the muscles.

Surgical Treatments

When non-invasive options don’t bring enough relief, oral surgeons, dentists certified to practice surgery, may offer some of the surgical solutions below:

Arthrocentesis – this minimally invasive solution can help your dentist diagnose the severity of your TMJ and can also provide them an avenue to address it. While you sleep under anesthesia, your dentist will insert a very thin video tube into a small incision made in front of one of your ears. From there, they can access the swollen area and can they use another tube to remove some of it.

Arthroscopy – this entails joint repair or replacement, during which you’ll receive anesthesia as your oral surgeon and staff carefully work to bring relief to your overworked jaw muscles.

Learn More Treatment Options for TMJ in Dana Point, CA

Schedule a consultation with a local oral surgeon in Southern California to find out what treatment options might work best for treating your TMJ.

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